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Kaitlin Bowlby Photography

For the madly in love couples + families

Hey, I'm Kat!

Your friendly, neighborhood, storyteller, well documentary style photog, but same thing practically. Here to tell your story. Family, Couples and Weddings are my main squeeze, but I also do it all! So don't be too shy to ask! I'm a sucker for love, in any of it's forms, and candids are my JAM. You know those sweet little, fleeting, everyday moments that happen when you're NOT in front of a camera, and you think to yourself "Wow I wish someone would of gotten a picture of that," THAT'S what I capture when you are in front of mine. All those little, precious memories that, we find, end up being the most important to us. All the big, toothy smiles & belly laughs. THATS what I aim to freeze, so they can live forever, so they can be timeless! Now let me break down my "style" for you real quick. It's long hair, slicked back, white t-shirt.... HA! got ya! (hopefully you know that song, or that just won't land). No, but actually, my tones & hues are warm, rich & earthy, sometimes even moody. And I shoot mainly documentary style, so it's very nostalgic, and like mentioned before, rooted deeply in candids & capturing the moments "as they are." Yes we'll still get some styled shots (strike a pose) but MAINLY, I just want you to "exist" in front of my lens, so just relax and be yourself, and I'll capture all the magic that comes from just that. And don't worry, if you're nervous I'll crack some jokes (most likely self deprecating) to help loosen ya up! I'm based outta the mitten state but the wanderlust is real, so give me a destination and I'll come runnin!

Catch ya on the flippity flip!



"Sometimes you never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory."

- Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

I wanna help you hang onto those moments by capturing them. So the memories can live on forever!

Both images by Taylor Sumner Photography

Let's make some magic!


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